Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Nashville's Finest Readers Poll Results

2014 has been quite a year for Nashville's ever-growing beer scene.  We've seen new breweries crop up, new bars open their doors for the first time, low gravity beer for sale at liquor stores, new distribution - And the list goes on!  This month we asked our readers and social media pals to vote for their favorite local beer spots of 2014 in our first annual Nashville's Finest Readers Poll, and the results are in!  Thanks to all who participated, and congratulations to all of the winners!

Best Bar In Middle Tennessee
1. 12 South Taproom
2. Flying Saucer
3. Craft Brewed

Best Place To Fill A Growler In Middle Tennessee
1. Craft Brewed
2. The Filling Station
3. The Beer Pale

Best Place To Buy Home Brewing Supplies In Middle Tennessee
1. All Seasons
2. Craft Brewed
3. Rebel Brewer

Best Place To Buy Beer In Middle Tennessee
1. Craft Brewed
2. Frugal MacDoogal
3. Midtown Wine & Spirits

Best Brewery In Middle Tennessee
1. The Black Abbey
2. Yazoo Brewing Company
3. Tennessee Brew Works

Best Beer Festival In Middle Tennessee
1. 12 South Winter Warmer
2. East Nashville Beer Festival
3. Music City Brewers Festival

Best Beer Selection From A Restaurant In Middle Tennessee
1. Kay Bob's Grill & Ale
2. 12 South Taproom
3. Broadway Brewhouse

Best New Bar In Middle Tennessee
1. The Beer Pale
2. Hurry Back
3. The Sutler

For those of you wondering, participants wrote in their selections (Instead of multiple choices) in an effort to collect unskewed data - Yes, tallying votes was an overwhelming (And time consuming) task, but we're finally done!  Also, establishments had to be within a thirty minute drive from downtown to be eligible.  We threw out the "Best Beer In Middle Tennessee" and "Best New Beer Store In Middle Tennessee" categories due to inconclusive data.  We will rethink the way we collect votes next year and are open to suggestions.  Let us know if there is an additional category that you would like to see next year.

What do you think of the results?  Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!

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