Monday, December 1, 2014

2014 Holiday Gift Guide

With Thanksgiving behind us, we're only weeks away from the holidays - Which can be an exciting time or a stressful time.  Don't fret - We're here to help!  We've put together a list for the beer lovers on your list (Or maybe even a nice little gift for yourself)!

Little Seed Farm Jackalope Soap
In 2012, Eileen & James Ray moved from New York City to rural Lebanon, Tennessee to start a goat farm.  They've since partnered with Nashville's own Jackalope Brewing Company to make fresh-and-so-clean smelling beer soap.  That's right... Beer soap.  Their creations are available with features from Jackalope's Rompo, Bearwalker, or Thunder Ann!
$7.00  |  Amazon

Nashville BrewPost One Gallon Homebrewing Kit
Ever dreamed of brewing your own batch of beer?  Well, now you can with the help of Nashville BrewPost!  They'll send you all of the equipment that you need to get started on a one gallon batch (About 10 bottles) as well as your choice of recipes!
$60.00 & Up  |  Nashville BrewPost

Soberdough Brew Bread
Not since peas & carrots Forrest & Jenny has there been such great companions as beer and bread.  With Soberdough Brew Bread, all you have to do is pour, stir, bake, and you'll be eating delicious beer bread in no time!
$14.45  |  Amazon

Sierra Nevada Beer Mustard
Once that beer bread is baked, you'll probably want to make a sandwich, and you'll need some good mustard.  Don't worry, we have the perfect one for you.  These beer mustards from Sierra Nevada are great on a sandwich, pretzels, or anything really!
$25.35  |  Amazon

Brooklyn Brine Company Hop-Pickle
We're big fans of pickles, and let us just tell you - These are good pickles.  With a little help from Dogfish Head's 60 Minute IPA, onions, and cascade hops, these pickles have a distinctly delicious taste that goes well on sandwiches or are great their own!
$8.99  |  Amazon

Getting a growler filled in this town isn't a hard task these days - Though getting a growler filled that you can take to the pool, hiking, tailgating, or camping might be a different story... Until now.  Thanks to the clever design of the EcoGrowler, you can now have your favorite craft beer ready for any outdoor occasion.  EcoGrowler is currently available locally at Mr. Whiskers and Rock Bottom, though you may order them online as well!
$7.99  |  Amazon

Sean Brock's Heritage
Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you're well aware of the buzz that Sean Brock's restaurant Husk has received in both Nashville and Charleston, SC.  Brock now shares recipes to some of his signature southern eats in his new cookbook, Heritage.
$24.00  |  Amazon

Olive & Sinclair Chocolate
Who doesn't like chocolate?  Seriously... And no one does it better than Nashville's own Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Company.  You may have tasted their chocolate in Terrapin's Moo-Hoo or Reunion Ale, though their variety of chocolate bars are definitely worth a try.  We recommend the Mexican Style Chocolate bar, though they're all great!
$6.99 & Up  |  Olive & Sinclair

B-Hoppy Hop Candy
Ever wondered what beer candy would taste like?  B-Hoppy's hop candy creations are probably the closest that you'll get - And they are actually great.  Made with real hops, these candies taste a bit like an IPA hard candy.  Not too shabby, right?
$6.96  |  Amazon

Blis Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup
As if maple syrup wasn't delicious enough, Blis goes the extra mile by aging theirs in 20+ year old bourbon barrels.  In fact, if you've ever had Founders' Canadian Breakfast Stout, Better Half, or Sweet Repute, you've tasted beers that have been aged in used Blis barrels.
$38.61  |  Amazon 

Blis Blast Hot Pepper Sauce
While you're at it, you might want to pick up Blis' Blast Hot Pepper Sauce which was aged in spent Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout barrels which once aged Blis Maple Syrup, which once aged 20+ year old bourbon.  The flavor is rich, slightly smoky, and not overly hot.
$23.56  |  Amazon

Chris Chamberlain's Nashville Beer: A Heady History of Music City Brewing
If you've read up on the food or drink scene in Nashville, you've likely stumbled across the writings of Chris Chamberlain.  Aside from releasing previous books The Southern Foodie and The Southern Foodie's Guide to the Pig, Chamberlain stays busy as a regular writer for Nashville Scene's "Bites" food blog and Nashville Lifestyle.  In his new book, Chris explores the history of Nashville's ever growing beer scene.
$16.80  |  Amazon

Spiegelau Craft Beer Glass Kit
Mason Jars may be cute, but when it comes down to flavor and aroma, proper glassware really does enhance the beer drinking experience.  Don't believe us?  Just try it.  These glasses by Spiegelau are professionally designed to improve the taste and smell of beer, and they truly work!  If the beer lover on your list does not have proper glassware, do them a solid this holiday season and show them what they've been missing!
$39.98  |  Amazon

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