Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Surveys: Best Bars, Stores, & Growlers

When we started Nashville Beer Blog in November, 2012, our primary goal was to help those who appreciate craft beer find the best beer that Nashville has to offer.  We began highlighting local news and events, as well as cataloging some of our favorite bars and beer stores along with every growler station in town.  In the short fourteen months, we have learned that aside from craft beer aficionados, many of our visitors are new to craft beer, new to Nashville, or simply visiting Nashville.  While we could personally continue to make bar, store, and growler recommendations, we ultimately would like input from our readers.  We will be conducting a few surveys this month, and we invite you to join in the discussion; let us know which local bar is your favorite, what store has the best selection and service, and where you like to fill your growler.  Every response will be used to better guide our readers as they seek great beer in Nashville.

Our first survey asks, "What is your favorite bar with craft beer in Nashville?Take the survey here.

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