Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Nashville's Craft Beer Guide To The Super Bowl

This Sunday the Broncos and Seahawks will go head to head in the Super Bowl and people all over the country will be tuning in with a beer in hand.  Yes, beer and the Super Bowl are about as American as biscuits and gravy - So the question is, what will you be drinking?  Hopefully nothing too cheep, but we understand, it can get expensive when your buddies are over and you're supplying the booze.  So, what should you buy?  We have a few tips that will hopefully get you ready for kickoff. 

Rule #1: Don't go too boozy.  The game is four hours long, and most of us have to work the next day.

Rule #2: Don't go too expensive... If you're buying for the whole group, it can get expensive.

Rule #3: Don't go too cheap... Seriously, you can do better than tapping the Rockies.

Here are our beer recommendations for the Super Bowl.  We did our best to keep things affordable, light, but still tasty.  Also, since there is a good chance that they will accompany nachos, wings, pizza, or chips, we tried to pick beers that would pair nicely.

JACKALOPE THUNDER ANN PALE ALE - Nashville's Jackalope Brewing Company recently began canning this light, but tasty pale ale.  With slight resinous hop notes and fruity yeast esters this beer is a great choice for when you want a beer that actually tastes like beer.

YAZOO HEFEWEIZEN - Yazoo Brewing Company has been brewing in Nashville for ten years and has won two medals at the Great American Beer Festival along the way for their hefeweizen.  While light and hazy, this beer is full of flavors of banana, cloves, and bubblegum.

LAGUNITAS IPA - Last year, California-based Lagunitas Brewing Company arrived in Nashville, and thank goodness they did.  At only 5.7% ABV, their IPA packs a huge punch of citrus with some light pine flavors.  Don't let the affordability fool you; this is an outstanding IPA.

STRAIGHT TO ALE SAND ISLAND LIGHTHOUSE KOLSCH - Alabama's Straight to Ale continues to pump out some of our favorite beers from the south.  Their Sand Island Lighthouse features a light, crisp mouthfeel with nice citrus and bready notes.  This is an excellent and affordable substitute for cheap yellow fizz, and would be a great gateway beer for your friends who haven't embraced craft beer just yet.

Cheers to a great Super Bowl!  Hit us up on Twitter or Facebook and let us know who you'll be rooting for, and what beer you'll have in hand!

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