Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Black Abbey Brewing Company Finds Home Near 100 Oaks

We're excited to announce that The Black Abbey Brewing Company has finally found a home after Metro Nashville has issued them a $300,000 rehab permit.  Their brewing facility will be located behind 100 Oaks Mall at 2952 Sidco Drive and will also feature a taproom.

Founded by three friends, the brewery specializes in Beglian style beers and takes their namesake from the Black Cloister Monastery which was led by Martin Luther and in which Luther’s wife brewed beer.

Additionally, Black Abbey has launched a new website today (http://blackabbeybrewing.com) that features the following blog post from one of their founders, Carl Meier:

"It has been some time since I have informed you about the stirrings at The Black Abbey. Things have been happening here, and now—as if across a table and over a pint—I would like to share them with you. Let this serve as the first entry in the chronicle of our new adventure together

The Black Abbey Brewing Company, an idea sparked among friends, lovingly nursed with hard work and fine beer, is now preparing to hatch.  I only wish the incubation period were shorter!
Nashville is truly an amazing place, full of interesting and talented people.  Our assemblage has been wonderfully blessed to be surrounded by such individuals who also have discerning taste in beer!  After much preparation, The Black Abbey’s founders, partners, supporters, advisors, family and friends are ready to raise the veil of secrecy.
Over the next several months you will be able to read along at home as we lead you through our brewing endeavor.  You are joining us, true believers, at a logical time.  The date has arrived for us start talking about our beer, and we could not be more ready.
We at The Black Abbey Brewing Company are excited beyond measure to bring our unique beers to your lips.  We have much to share, many tales to tell. And as you know, tales are best told over a pint.  Welcome, friends, welcome.  Let the story begin!"

Stay tuned for more information, and check out Black Abbey's new website here: http://blackabbeybrewing.com

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