Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Terrapin Brewing Finishes Expansion, Announces 2013 Lineup

In December 2010, after a disagreement with investors about the direction and future of Terrapin Brewing, co-owners Spike & Blake took a loan from Tenth & Blake Beer Company (The craft and import division of MillerCoors) to buy out their investors.  Spike & Blake felt that Tenth & Blake Beer Company shared a similar long term vision of Terrapin Brewing and later partially converted their loan to a minor stake (Less than 25%) in the company.

In October 2011, Terrapin announced they would begin a $4.5 million expansion of their brewery which has been completed as of this week.  The expansion will take the brewhouse from 25 to 100 barrels and will allow them to not only increase the production of their current line up, but roll out a slew of new offerings.  Yesterday Terrapin held a press conference and announced the following plans for 2013:

- Terrapin will begin canning
- Recreation Ale, a "Hopped Up Session Ale" will be available in 12 oz / 12 pack cans
- Hopsecutinoer will be available in 12 packs
- TreeHugger will be year round in 12 oz / 6 pack bottles
- White Chocolate Moo Hoo will be available later this year
- French Toast Wake-N-Bake will be available later this year
- Maggies Farmhouse returns as "Maggies Peach Farmhouse"

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