Monday, November 19, 2012

Craggie Brewing To Close On December 1st

Craggie Brewing in Asheville, NC has announced today that they will be closing their doors on December 1st after three years of business.  We are sad to see this great brewery go, and will miss seeing their beers around Nashville. 

Read their full statement:

 "Craggie Brewing Company regrets to announce that after three years we will be closing our doors December 1st.

We strived to prosper in the face of limited funds, but ultimately could not reach profitability. We are very proud of our staff, DJ McCready, Luke Holgate, Nick Badieh Alwon-Mount, Zaq Suarez, Zach Dier, and Brandon, and customers and want to thank you for your loyalty through the highs

and the lows this operation.

Although Craggie will be closing, the facility at 197 Hilliard Avenue will still be in use. Negotiations are currently being made for a new brewery to take over the space and begin its own brewing journey. It will be retaining two of Craggie’s own employees and is wished the best of luck in its endeavors.

You, our friends and colleagues, are what make Beer City what it is, and we are glad to know you!"

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